Trailblazing Long Before the Hype

Since 2015, Koi has been at the center of the hemp cannabinoid world, developing quality products that provide an elevated experience. Our products help your customers de-stress, sleep better, soothe discomfort, and relax in a healthy way.

feel better

Feel Better

Encourage your body and mind to perform at their best.

stress less

Stress Less

Quiet your mind and take the edge off, day or night.

sleep more

Sleep More Soundly

Unwind at bedtime and settle in for a smoother slumber.

speed recovery

Speed Up Recovery

Support your muscles and joints to bounce back faster.

Make Products People Want & Need

We offer best-selling products so you can reach even more customers looking to relax, sleep well, and stay healthy. And around here, there's no room for compromises or subpar quality. It's only the best ingredients, the best suppliers, and the best processes every time.

Make Products People Want & Need

Be Innovative, Relentlessly

Your customers come in looking for the latest. So give them what they want to relax and recharge with Koi's newest innovations. With its hundreds of compounds, we know hemp has even more to offer, and we're eager to deliver all of its life-changing benefits. We're always coming with something new.

Be Innovative, Relentlessly

Delicious, Always

Cannabinoid products often taste bad. They shouldn't. Your customers should look forward to the cannabinoid products they use every day. We aim to help you smash their expectations and deliver the best health and happiness experience, period.

Delicious, Always


Let’s Do This

Join forces with the industry’s leading cannabinoid company.